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1.  How to work with CONTEXT 7.0 in MS Word?
2.  How to add User dictionaries?

How to work with CONTEXT 7.0 in MS Word?

As you run CONTEXT in MS Word you should not to select a word or phrase for translation. Put the cursor on the word in point and click the CONTEXT icon of Microsoft Word toolbar (this icon appears in MS Word after the installation of CONTEXT) or choose Tools | Context.
If the word in point forms a collocation or phrase with neighbour words CONTEXT finds this collocation or phrase. This feature is very useful if you don't know co-occurrence of the word given. To choose the previous or the next word use “Previous”/“Next” (arrows) buttons on CONTEXT toolbar.
To toggle CONTEXT in MS Word use option Calling from Microsoft Word in the dialogbox Preferences.


How to add User dictionaries?

To add User Dictionaries choose Dictionaries | User Dictionaries listin menu. Press Add button and find the user dictionary (with the .xml extension) you need


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