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Free Dictionaries

 Download free user dictionaries for Standard and Professional Packages and for Russian Collection of CONTEXT

How to add User dictionaries?

Dictionary name Download Languages Author CONTEXT version
Elfian-Russian 45 Kb. download Rus Сергей Дроздов 6.0/7.0
Flowers Language 2 Kb. download Rus Сергей Дроздов 6.0/7.0
Mobile phones 7 Kb. download Eng/Rus Алексей К. 6.0/7.0
Compurer slang 9 Kb. download Rus Сергей Дроздов 6.0/7.0
Antiheritage dictionary 48 Kb. download Rus Власов А.П. 6.0/7.0
Latin phrases 19 Kb. download Lat/Rus Стрельницкая С.Ю. 6.0/7.0
MS Interface Word list 6 Kb. download Eng/Rus Андрей С. 6.0/7.0
Phobias 2 Kb. download Eng/Rus Колесников Михаил 6.0/7.0
Thieves' slang 146 Kb. download Rus Кузнецов В.П. 6.0/7.0

You can send us your dictionaries

 In 2011 CONTEXT electronic dictionary was produced for Apple MacOS X (version 10.6.6 and higher) and iOS (version 4.3 and higher) platforms.

You may purchase:
Russian collection Package for MacOS X and iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod touch);
Basic Package for iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod touch) in App Store.

Documentation for CONTEXT 7.0:

 download CONTEXT 7.0 User Manual in CHM format:

 Russian (, 495 Kb) download

 English (, 445 Kb) download

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